2013 A showcase website for a young woman, all together a story-teller, story-writer, script-writer and actress.
2012 A didactic website for architecture students willing to improve their English while absorbing professional skills.
2008--- The official site of the community I live in. As a member of the municipal council I am in charge of communication, and of building and maintaining this resource. What I enjoy most is interviewing the oldest native families les Gens d’iciand see how their stories build up the history of the village and the more generic History of this country.
1998-2009. As an IT teacher trainer for vocationally-oriented language learning (VOLL) for the ECML, the Graz- based language training facility of the Council of Europe, I decided in 1998 to create a site where everything we created with the participants of the various workshops would be uploaded and organized. Some of the output definitely is obsolete, but the whole provides an interesting perspective on how my colleagues and I used IT for a better teaching/learning experience over the years. The resource is hosted by the ECML.
2002--- As a teacher of English I created this website to help my students build certain learning strategies —reading the press, oral communication— but also to publish their best productions, which are still available year after year.
2000-2010 As a teacher of English at Université Pierre Mendès France, then director of the Center for Modern Languages, I created this website to provide our language students with all the necessary information they required to function with us. It was also a place of exchange with university language colleagues. The site was dismantled immediately when I retired, but I managed to transfer some of the durable resources onto the blue site above.
2001-2003 One of the ECML workshops was organized in Moscow by Irina Smoliannikova, our Russian colleague. On this occasion I started formalizing web using strategies and the end result was floated as a project on the ECML site and published as a CD in 2003. Again as IT is advancing at such a dynamic pace most of the input is obsolete, except perhaps the webtraps and email rules sections.
2003 This was commissioned by the then ICC (International Certificate Conference) Director Anthony Fitzptarick. I designed the homepage and graphic chart, but the whole project was eventually abandoned. It’s still hosted on my private website, though.
2007 As a pilot at the Aéroclub du Dauphiné I took part in a committee whose role was to examine how to create a website showcasing the club, its resources, planes, environment and facilities. The whole thing turned into a power struggle between committee members and I quit —the committee, not the club. They did keep some of my designs though, notably the navigation bars and a couple of planes, one used on hats and T-shirts and the like. Still available here.
2004 My son Alban is an avid free diver. He created a diving association in Lyon and organized various events. He asked me to design a site for the club. I was proud of the very simple concept and the up and down diver with his huge monofin. Alban had designed the swimmer’s silhouette. He wanted the bubbles in the water to link to the various sections, which I happily complied with (see here). Finally the Board decided against the whole concept, and opted for another. Club inner power struggle again.
1996-2000 I was a teacher of English at Lycée Xavier Marmier and decided to create a website for the institution. Of course I focused on IT, English and aeronautics. But also on an adventure undertaken by one student girl in Chile and Argentine. Her narrative is just amazing, I would hope it could be published somewhere more visibly.
The sites I designed...