Once -in 1999 I think- the Tour de France started from Pontarlier. I proposed two projects to the Board. Both were accepted, and placarded all over the area.
One morning I was preparing a flight and heard this noise. That was a Mooney. I was fascinated by both the allure of the craft and the Porsche engine noise, so deep, so feline. Once its owner had gone on some business I sketched it, then used the drawing to rebuild it on Xara.  

The same in flight...

This, and our local Cessna 172, helped me build the second poster.

A trip to Salon de Provence...

Thanks to my friend 'Lem' (Jean-Marie Lemarchand), who was the one that got me into flying in the first place, I was invited to Salon, the Úlite French Aviation school for French Air Force pilots. I was flown there --along with other education personnel-- by Transall. That was a day to remember. Click here for more.